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Korean Hip-Hop Reaction Video — michael touzell

For my final Digital Artifact, I decided to do a reaction video based upon Korean Hip Hop. With the help of best mates George and Josh, we sat down to watch some videos and react to what we saw . Josh can understand some Korean but cannot understand it fully and George is studying law […]

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State of Play – An Autoethnographic Response — michael touzell

The term Autoethnography is quite a term to get your head around, and I can safely say that after arriving late to the first lecture of the semester, I already felt 10 weeks behind. To my surprise though, it wasn’t rocket science, but it wasn’t exactly 1 plus 1 either. Ellis, Adams and Bochner define […]

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Autoethnography: Korean E-Sport Culture (Starcraft) — michael touzell

Autoethnography is a mixture between autobiography and ethnography. In this case it is a self-reflective document on a culture that is other than my own (Korean). Ethnography draws on the study of a culture, while an autobiography draws on what is known as “epiphanies” – remembered moments that have perceived to have a significant impact […]

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