Let’s talk online dating…

Thinking about online dating I found a study on Japan that examines the experiences of past and present members of a popular Japanese online dating site. This is used to explore the extent to which Western-based theories of computer-mediated communication and the development of online relationships are relevant to the Japanese online dating experience (James Farrer, 2009). So I began to think about western online dating versus eastern online dating…

Now, we all know about Tinder and exactly what Tinder is for. I began to think about social networking and how in Australian cultures it has moved from Facebook (used to connect with people you know) to Tinder (used to connect you with people you don’t know). Interesting concept and made me think that surely there is an Asian equivalent.

Meet Me is a sort of Tinder equivalent (not sure if its applicable on a mobile device) but it’s tagline is “where new friends meet”.

meet me

Here is a advert for ‘Meet Me’…


It is interesting to note that online dating is prevalent in all cultures. Although I found that apparently Meet Me is used for more of an ‘ego boost‘ rather than actually ‘looking for love‘. I find it interesting that there would be such a site where people post photos of themselves and find a sense of satisfaction when COMPLETE RANDOMS RATE THEM A 10. Kind of makes me think that it’s a bit of a joke. Once I found this I did a Google search of “Asian online dating”… I didn’t exactly get what I was after it was more of a result of LOOKING FOR ASIAN LADIES not ASIAN as in the continent. I continued my search and came up with a site called ‘Paktor‘.


This is an app, you are able to pick your distance – your photos are on priviate until you both like each other – and you are able to chat once you’ve been matched (much like Tinder it seems – I wonder which came first!).



James Farrer, 2009 “Online dating in Japan: A test of social information processing theory”. [ONLINE] Available at: http://online.liebertpub.com/doi/abs/10.1089/cpb.2009.0069. [Accessed 16 October 2014].

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  1. The online dating world seems to be a bit crazy all over the place and I’m sure there is an equivalent for Tinder somewhere! I think there are lots of questions to be asked in regards to online dating though. What do you think about this? Do you think there is a difference in online dating because of the cultural difference?


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