Twitch Chat with Bronys

I’ve been a huge fan of YouTube lets plays for several years now. But in the past roughly two years, live streaming has become the new big thing. The biggest video game live-streaming for sure is Twitch. Live-streaming through Twitch has the advantage of real-time audience feedback. The potential for this has been realized through gamers actually being able to actively influence the lets play they are watching. It has also helped popularize esports, particularly strategy games and MOBAs. This year’s DOTA 2 international tournament had a prize pool of over $10 million, making it bigger than some sports events such as the NFL Superbowl and Masters gold tournament. All of theses games could be viewed live on Twitch. There was even a separate channel. 

Total Biscuit explains why audiences love Twitch.


I’ve only dabbled in Twitch a few times to be honest. I was a big fan of the original Twitch Plays Pokemon and I loved the lore. I’ve even attempted my own Twitch live streams with varying success (that means they weren’t good). Any way, I still regularly watch game like Heroes of the Storm or Hearthstone on Twitch because they are esport games I can actively participate in and watch an entire game while being engaged.

It’s difficult to find an Asian Twitch streamer though. I’m not sure how popular live-streaming on Twitch is for Asian audiences. Except of course for Starcraft, the national sport of Korea. However, I don’t know a single thing about Starcraft and it scares me a lot. Looks like I’ll have to do an Asian video game.

Hey, I got one! Dark Souls! In fairness, I decided to watch the most popular Asian game on Twitch at the time and it just happened to be Dark Souls. 

I’ve entered a PvP stream (player vs. player) where the player named “Crimetarget” is battling against other players. Tubthumping by Chumbawumba is playing over his sound system. The chat is discussing My Little Pony and the merits of being a Brony. I have a feeling I shouldn’t engage in this conversation. No-one is talking about Dark Souls. I attempt to engage with the chat by asking the play about his character. I think my comment was lost because he is still trying to defend himself. He has been accused of being a “Brony hater”. Someone has likened his opinion to apartheid. I simultaneously love and hate the internet.

I was going to try another Twitch channel but I think this was a pretty good indication of what it can be like in a live stream chat feed. In this case, the commentary from the streamer had nothing to do with the game and had moved on to another topic mostly for entertainment purposes. Engaging with the audience on these topics is something he wouldn’t have been able to do in a pre-recorded video.

I dont know who any of these people are and I dont know what they're talking about

I dont know who any of these people are and I dont know what they’re talking about



  1. Hey man great post!

    One of the guys in this class does a heap of streaming on twitch, Dan Natoli ( he can help you out when it comes to online streaming information.

    Congruently, I play (or used to until i moved onto other games) a lot of StarCraft. I’m a silver league player and I still have no Idea what is going on half the time either so don’t feel too bad.

    You raised a point about the difficulty in finding Korean streamers. Could this possibly be a result of the language barrier? Or perhaps there are filters in place so that western viewers find more western streamers and vice versa for eastern audiences?

    Who knows…


  2. First off, awesome post! Love the stream of consciousness vibe you have going on, it makes it really easy and fun to read!

    I found the same sorts of things when I was looking at Twitch Plays Pokemon, often the comment stream wandered away from the actual TPP stream and onto something that was either impossible to follow or completely unrelated. It’s really entertaining (and sort of enlightening) to hear other peoples’ opinions, or lack thereof on other topics outside the lifestream. TPP was so hard to follow or read because of the rapidity at which actions are being punched in the chat window. nevertheless, fun to watch/participate in.


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