My name’s Jess and….

this is my fifth and last year studying communications and international relations. I’ve really enjoyed my time at UOW and perhaps don’t even feel quite ready to graduate.. though that probably comes from nerves of now having to apply for (and get rejected from) lots of grown-up jobs.

I’d say I’m an international relations student first and foremost, but I do have an interest in media studies. While I’m not hugely familiar with digital media coming out of Asia (save for things like Pokemon, Nintendo and Studio Ghibli… which I’ve just realised are all Japanese),  I can appreciate that there’s a diverse and colourful digital Asian world out there that a lot of people in the West are missing out on.   

Through studying media we can study culture and I know that there’s a lot of great material out there that goes under the radar because the global flow of communication has traditionally been from North to South.  I’m excited to use this opportunity to uncover new and different forms of digital Asian media.

At this point I think I’d like to explore Asian cinema, focussing on either Japanese, Chinese or Korean films.  The investigation into the production and consumption of these media will also address a specific focus, for example constructions of femininity and masculinity, representations of war or changes from Hollywood influence over time.  My aim is that through this study I’ll get to watch a lot of movies (as if I don’t do enough of that already… : )


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